Ing. Ivana Tichotová, MBA
My long journey from studying languages, through experience as a lifestyle journalist, economics studies, multinational management and to business operation in the financial sector, which required collaboration with the most successful people in business and politics in the Czech Republic, has led me to a new life mission. At all international meetings, even at the highest state level, I often observed a great amount of insecurity, not only in myself, but also on the part of many of my colleagues and foreign partners.
All these fears stemmed from the lack of information and confidence in manners and behavior, and so I decided to change this for myself and those who feel the same. I graduated in etiquette and protocol courses with the most renowned experts in the world, earned a license and decided to pass on their knowledge and experience to anyone interested these things. I believe that with the knowledge of refined behavior, you will finally conquer your fears of being seen and heard! Just like me …