Our goal is to give your child a unique competitive edge by giving him or her communication, social and dining skills, in an entertaining and interactive way. Today’s children, even at pre-school age, are subjected to demands that go far beyond simply being able to shake hands and ask, “How are you?”. They are also more likely to be exposed to an international environment which they need to be able to navigate and react to. We believe that our courses will prepare them to handle their everyday school and social lives with ease and joy, and without unnecessary insecurities, tensions and fears. Together we can contribute to creating their secure future and building a respect for other cultures.


For children aged 4–7

For this age group, we’ve designed a course focused on respect for others, the art of sharing, the basics of dining and using “magic words”. In this program, children absorb new knowledge mainly through play. It also includes our mascot, Peppermint Polite Puppy®, which is a captivating puppet that also appears in all our illustrated study materials. Her kind presence not only captures the child’s attention, but she also quickly gains the affection of younger students. Due to the young age of the children in this group, we’ve taken the liberty of involving the children’s parents or older siblings in home schooling.

For children aged 8–12

After completing this course, young ambassadors will be better prepared to face the social challenges of life. The course is highly interactive, fun and playful. When children of this age can handle themselves in different social situations, their confidence and self-esteem rises significantly! The course will try to equip them with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to shine in many life situations. The program is an interesting mix of traditional ethical standards with modern trends in behavior in the 21st century.

For children aged 13–17

It’s hard to be a teenager and equally difficult to be the parent of one! We see on a daily basis the enormous pressure children face from media and news that is not always consistent with the values that are important to us. We want our children to develop their own identity and build strong self-confidence. This program is designed to provide teenagers with the social skills they need to mature and become confident and able to succeed in the 21st century.



SUMMER CAMP | 22. – 26. JULY 2019


The camp offers young people a unique opportunity to confidently master the social skills important for life in the 21st century. Above all, the course will support their self-esteem, which is necessary to achieve the best possible result for themselves in every situation, wisely and with elegance.
The varied program includes many games and scenarios specifically designed to accurately reflect the needs of this age group. It is highly interactive, fun and conceived in line with the growing emphasis on character and empowerment of each participant.


  • How to make a good first impression
  • Greetings and formal and informal introductions of oneself and others
  • The art of communication and use of the “magic words”
  • Presentation skills, public speaking
  • Public behavior
  • Good posture, body language and stance (for example, walking in heels)
  • Image, dress code, personal hygiene and self-care
  • ABCs of dining (how to use silverware and napkins, how to eat specialties such as shrimp, oysters, escargot, how to take your seat, how to excuse yourself from the table, etc.)
  • International dining skills
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Social media and security
  • Preparation for a university or job interview
  • Everything I need to know when starting out on my own, without my parents (how to wash and not ruin clothing, a quick course in healthy but simple cooking, how to quickly clean up an apartment, how to set up personal finances, etc.)
  • Participation in social events and soirées and their organization, the obligations of guest and host
  • Respect and perceptiveness of cultural differences