The camp offers young people a unique opportunity to confidently master the social skills important for life in the 21st century. Above all, the course will give them the self-confidence necessary to achieve the best possible result for themselves in every situation, with wisdom and elegance.
Program is designed to give children the social skills necessary to help them mature into confident and self-assured adults. The program is multi-dimensional, including a variety of games and scenarios specifically designed to engage and meet the needs of this age group. It is highly interactive and fun, and in harmony with the growing emphasis on character education and positive self-esteem.

Duration: 5 days
Monday through Friday, 10.30am – 3.30pm
Date: 26th – 29th October
Venue: Prague
Price: 9.450 CZK

– Includes five days of international teen etiquette and finishing tuition, a 3-course formal tutorial luncheon, three full buffet lunches, an illustrated workbook, daily refreshments and a Certificate of Achievement.



Good Manners are culturally bound, making what’s a ‘do’ in London, a ‘taboo’ in Paris, Tokyo or Milan. Our teen program is a true passport to success, awaking awareness and self-esteem. Your child will learn how to make more friends and more importantly, how to keep them.

• British and International social codes and general behavior
• Meeting, greeting and saying good-bye
• Proper introductions
• Body language, eye signals and non-verbal communication
• Written communication (formal and informal)
• Conversation skills, small talk, compliments and kindness
• General societal do’s and taboos and international variations
• Exclusive tutorial at Kensington Palace


Become the ultimate party giver! Young ladies and gentlemen will learn how to be received as a VIP guest around the world, as well as how to make each one of their guests feel like a star.

• Host and guest duties
• Party planning, invitations, personal stationery
• Precedence, menu planning
• Table conversation and subjects to avoid
• The art of giving and receiving gifts
• Cinema, theatre and other live performance


Teens will put their best self forward. They will master the secrets of successful presentation skills to enhance social life, school life and future career prospects.

• Leadership skills
• First impressions and the importance of a polished image
• Dress codes, image and grooming
• Public speaking
• Elocution


Never wonder again “Which fork should I use?” Instead, participants will feel at ease dining at a small café with friends or at the grand table of Windsor Castle. And not only will they discover special tricks and notions, but will have so much fun in the process. We will enjoy a delicious meal in an exquisite private dining room.

• It’s time to put those new skills into practice with a unique 3-course luncheon tutorial
• Décor, table setting and table service
• British, French, Japanese and Middle Eastern table manners
• How to use tricky utensils such as escargot tongs, the fish knife, chop sticks…
• How to navigate a formal table setting
• Proper utensil usage
• How to eat difficult-to-manoeuvre foods with style and grace
• How to tackle the fruit course, with knife and fork
• English Afternoon Tea tutorial for graduation


The adolescent years are full of challenges. Our young ladies and young gentlemen will learn creative ways to resolve conflicts and develop personal responsibility. Be a leader, not a follower!

• Respect and responsibility
• Diligence and integrity


Master the new codes of communication and learn how to use them effectively, correctly and safely. From Instagram to Facebook, become a savvy techno-etiquette star.

• Email, SMS and on-line chatting…
• Telephone courtesies. Mobile telephone etiquette
• Social media and website protocol and safety