Social Quiz Application


Do you like to play, do quizzes and do you thirst for information? If so, you will definitely enjoy our revolutionary novelty – the “SOCIAL QUIZ” mobile application.

In our opinion, it is a unique and modern way to playfully expand your knowledge in the field of domestic and foreign social rituals. We believe that it will amuse you, excite you, make you laugh, teach you, make you think and please you.

It is designed for everyone from 8 and up. You can choose one of the ten topics that interest you, or choose several at once, practice your knowledge and then test it with a series of thirty quiz questions.

Head out into society with us and even take us on the road and play SOCIAL QUIZ! It’s to download on the App Store nebo Google Play. Have fun!

And don’t forget that practice makes perfect! If the application arouses your interest in learning even more or in doing trial runs of individual rituals with professional assistance, do not hesitate and sign up for one of our listed or individual courses.

We look forward to seeing you!

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