Duration: 6 hours
(the length of the course can be adjusted)
Date and Venue: By agreement
Price: According to the length of the course


  • How to set the table
  • How to approach seating arrangement
  • How to seat yourself at the table
  • How to use napkins
  • How to choose the correct silverware and use it with elegance
  • How to dine as a couple, at a banquet or with friends
  • How to serve
  • Transferring food to your plate
  • A gala menu
  • How to recognize different types of dining styles
  • How to eat soup, pasta, pastries, desserts and more
  • How to politely refuse food
  • How to excuse yourself and leave the table
  • What not to do at the table
  • Conversation at the table
  • How to be a great companion
  • How to hold a glass, taste and decant
  • For insidious dishes such as shrimp, oysters, burgers, etc.
  • How to handle possible accidents during dining
  • Dining etiquette across continents


Dining is not just about going home with a full stomach, but above all about building working relationships and friendships or experiencing the most beautiful moments with your loved ones or family. That’s why we need to know and be firmly versed in the rules of dining so that we can be the best companions and not be distracted by focusing on which glass is intended for which drink and what to do with all those set forks.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and a personal gift as a small surprise.