Give A Dining Experience Course

Duration: 3 hours
Date: Send an inquiry, please see registration
Venue: Prague
Price: 3.490 CZK


  • How to set the table
  • How to approach seating arrangement
  • How to seat yourself at the table
  • How to use napkins
  • How to choose the correct silverware and use it with elegance
  • How to dine as a couple, at a banquet or with friends
  • How to serve
  • Transferring food to your plate
  • How to recognize different types of dining styles
  • How to eat soup, pasta, pastries, desserts and more
  • How to politely refuse food
  • How to excuse yourself and leave the table
  • What not to do at the table
  • Conversation at the table
  • How to be a great companion
  • How to hold a glass, taste and decant
  • How to handle possible accidents during dining


Are you trying to come up with an original, lasting and useful gift for your loved ones, a colleague or a good acquaintance? What about giving them a gift voucher for our dining experience course – a unique opportunity for your loved ones to truly enjoy learning. During a multi-course lunch or dinner in representative premises, we will take them through the intricacies of dining in an unforced way, and they can immediately apply what they’ve learned, within the possibilities of the course, in practice. In today’s world, there is plenty of everything, but we all know that in that inexhaustible number of things, we’ll find only a handful of things that can be gifted with the certainty that the gift will not lose its value, be of use every day and that will be a joy and pleasure for the recipient!


Pokud byste rádi darovali něco opravdu výjimečného, s radostí uspořádáme Vám či Vašim blízkým soukromou večeři u Vás či u nich doma s privátním kurzem etikety stolování.

Menu Vám sestavíme na přání a osobně Vám ho připraví a naservíruje věhlasný kuchař, který obsluhoval např. prezidenta Václava Havla či knížete Karla Schwarzenberga. Termín i cena se u takové poptávky pochopitelně odvíjejí od předešlé dohody.