Social Quiz

15. October 2020

Twenty questions in which you’ll find, among other things, the answers to how to act if someone burps or passes gas in your presence, how to indicate to guests that the evening has come to an end and they should take their leave, what to do with a napkin when you leave the table, whether to offer guests slippers at your home, or it would be a faux pas, which wine to serve and at what temperature, where to put cutlery once you’ve finished eating, how not to go wrong on your first date, what to do with a gift that has come back you like a boomerang years later, up to what age can you take your son to women’s toilets as a mother, what color to wear, if you’re looking for new love, why do you always feel like you don’t have anything to wear, how to dress like a gay wedding couple, how to eat and what to do with chopsticks in Asia, Which hand to eat with and which one to greet with in the Middle East, etc.

You can find it all in the Social Quiz. This is a revolutionary application that the EPAP team has been working on all summer. It is free to download and we believe that it will entertain you, excite you, make you laugh, teach you, make you think and please you. It is intended for everyone from the age of 8 who enjoys reading, playing, taking quizzes, competing with themselves, improving themselves and learning something new. You can choose one of the ten topics that interests you, or choose several at once, practice your knowledge and then test your skills in a series of thirty quiz questions. As a reward, in addition to feeling good, the status of an imaginary lion or lioness of salons awaits you, if you successfully answer most of the questions, as well as interesting offers from our partners who supported the creation and development of the application. Practice makes masters, so if the application arouses your interest in learning even more or trying practice runs of individual rituals with professional assistance, do not hesitate and sign up for one of our courses. We look forward to seeing you!