What and How to Answer the Curious and Not Always Completely Pleasant Questions 4

18. November 2019

Oh, you have already got a belly, when are you expecting it?

If you are in a delicate condition, it is clear, everybody you want to know it, guess that you are expecting a baby and they eventually know your date of delivery. But what to do when you have just pushed the boat out a little, put on unsuitable clothes and the baby is not the reason of your bulky figure by any chance, and you still confront the question about delivery?
Phew, nothing great, this question, sincerely, in this case, doesn’t make anybody happy.
There are several ways how to deal with it.
Simply answer that you are not pregnant, and let the smart inquirer suffer of embarrassment.
If you already have an offspring, inform the inquirer, that you delivered exactly the years ago when the baby was really born.
Or try to be witty and respond for example, “I see, you know more than I do, we have planned with my partner to wait for a few years with starting a family. “

You have been a couple for such a long time, how it comes that you don’t have children, when are you planning to start a family?

To be newly-weds and not have children is kind of a stigma nowadays. When somebody worthy sincere answer asks you, for example a family member, try to tell the truth. If only an unpolite curious person asks, you can try to answer something like, “Since my wedding vow my wife and I consider ourselves a family.” And again, my advice in such a situation is to quickly change the subject with a smile.