Are You an Expert on Etiquette?

18. May 2020

You may be a regular reader of my blog or you may have just discovered it now. Either way, how about trying a short quiz? Just ten questions. Maybe you can manage it without losing any points! But if not, don’t worry, at least you’ll learn something new. Good luck, and I promise you will find answers to all the questions, sooner or later, on my blog.

  1. The proper place to wear a name tag is on the:
    1. Right lapel area
    2. Left lapel area
    3. It is not proper to wear a name tag
  2. According to cell phone etiquette, if you are having a business conversation in person with someone and your cell phone rings, you should:
    1. Stop your conversation and answer the phone
    2. Let the voice mail get it
    3. Excuse yourself and answer the phone
  3. Someone called your office when you were out and left a message. How long do you have to return the call before it is considered rude?
    1. 24 hours
    2. 48 hours
    3. Whenever you return
    4. There is no time frame
  4. You are introducing two people in business; one person is a manager and other is a vice president – who is introduced to whom?
    1. The manager to the vice president
    2. The vice president to the manager
    3. Either way, it does not matter in business
  5. You have invited a guest to have lunch. Who picks the restaurant?
    1. The host picks the restaurant
    2. The guest should be asked which restaurant he prefers
    3. Both the host and the guest should decide together
  6. Two people in business are being introduced. Technically, who should extend his/her hand first?
    1. The person of lesser authority
    2. The person of greater authority
    3. Either way, it does not matter in business
  7. The host at a business dinner makes a toast to you, do you:
    1. Raise your glass and drink with everyone else
    2. Not touch your glass while everyone else drinks
    3. Return the toast
    4. Both B and C
  8. While dining at a restaurant, you leave the table to use the restroom. What do you do with your napkin?
    1. Fold the napkin and place it on the table to the left of the plate
    2. Place the napkin on the seat of the chair
    3. Take the napkin with you
  9. When handing out your business card, it is acceptable to:
    1. Give it during a meal
    2. Pass it out to many people at one time
    3. Give out your card without someone asking for it first
    4. None of the above

1. 1, 2. 2, 3. 1, 4. 1, 5. 1, 6. 2, 7. 4, 8. 2, 9. 4