Success = IQ + etIQ (etiquette IQ)

21. October 2019

Many of us deal with IQ, but IQ without social intelligence is like the well without water. Those who know more therefore, work on both. So be the ones, who know and try to get your etIQ to personal maximum thanks to our blog and courses!

Let’s start with the thing almost everybody faces all the time, it means how to response and answer very, but very unpleasant questions, we don’t feel like answering at all. In my first contribution I will try to give you instructions of how to answer them cleverly, and to say nothing and everything at the same time. Every week you will find answers to two of them here. I don’t wish you anything like that, but I kind of suspect, that during the week you will test at least one of the answers in practice. And that’s useful, isn’t it …? And that’s only the beginning! As soon as I answer these, you can be looking forward to others, equally attractive and useful topics – HOW:

  • to never compromise etiquette and by what means
  • to deal with the fact of falling in love at work
  • to use the serviette at the table
  • to react, if someone burps or lets one out in your presence
  • a true lady of today behaves
  • to behave if we must deal with a snob
  • to gracefully interrupt a conversation and change the subject
  • to behave and deal with many other life situations in accordance with the best manners

I have for you so much of it for the long winter evenings, that you can be sure to be charming in the matter of good manners before the ball season finishes …