What and How to Answer the Curious and Not Always Completely Pleasant Questions

25. October 2019

Don’t you know how to answer some of these questions?: How much money do you earn, how old are you, how much did you pay for the purchase of your house, are you still single, how many kilos have you gained or lost, when is your delivery date or when are you planning to start a family at last? Sincerely, who of us wants to respond these questions at all? However, sometimes there is no choice. All of us have the same experience for sure. The ones who ask in this way are mostly very persistent. So, how to deal with it? Undoubtedly one of the ways is to tell the truth and quickly change the subject to be sure. However, that might not be always the right thing, in my opinion. Everybody doesn’t need to know when I am going to deliver the baby or if I have two kilos more, what is it for, after all? In any case, it is necessary to avoid showing whatever kind of emotions. Somebody who has the guts to ask just these questions isn’t worthy lowering to his level and answering impudently, in the same way, as he asks the questions. If it is possible, answer with humour and then definitely change the subject quickly and hope that the „curious person’s“ mouth is shut. Well, it is easy to write about it, but you might be interested, what exactly to answer to get rid of them gracefully and in the fastest way as possible. So, let’s start from the beginning…


What tremely interested in how much you earn? We don’t need to fool ourselves, this is just annoying, however kind of common question.

The simplest answer is to note with an apology, that you discuss your income only with your partner and therefore, you don’t confide your income to anybody else. This should be enough to outsmart the most of curious people with and make them forget the desire to know more.

Another way is to respond cunningly and answer wittily. For example, “Enough to pay my accounts and enjoy life,” or “Not enough to be able to afford everything what I long for.” I would add in any case, “And what about you?” It is not rude, just fight fire with fire.