The Perfect Valentine’s Day

7. February 2020

Before I give you a few tips on how to shine on Valentine’s Day, I can’t forgo a little history. Valentine’s day did not become one of our regular holidays until recently, so I think you, as well as myself, might be interested in learning where this successful marketing event comes from. The Feast of St. Valentine’s Day was primarily celebrated in Anglo–Saxon countries every year on February 14 as a holiday of love. One legend, the more cheerful one, claims that it derives from the feast of Lupercalia. On the eve of this day, it was customary to put tickets with the names of girls in the “urn of love”. Each young man then drew one card from it, and the girl whose name the young man drew was to become his beloved the following year. Another legend, the more tragic, is that this holiday came about as a tribute to the priest Valentine, who in Rome would secretly wed young couples, despite the ban imposed by Claudius II.

Claudius II. forbade his soldiers from getting married because he was afraid they would not go into battle and would rather stay home with their families. Valentine was eventually arrested and executed on February 14th. So, choose which of the legends is dearer to your heart and whether or not you want to celebrate this Anglo–Saxon holiday at all. If yes, then you should not forget your beloved and give them at least some token of your love.

Since I’m writing a blog about etiquette, I should probably tell you about what you should and shouldn’t do on this day, which I will, but I’ll make it short. I think that if you give your loved one a flower, you can’t go wrong and you will be sure to please. Now, I would rather introduce you to the secrets of the language of flowers rather than to give you a long set of instructions on correct Valentine’s Day behavior.

Valentine’s Day Inspiration in Brief:

For me, the most important thing is not to forget! Although today we are bombarded everywhere with ads that really do not let us forget this holiday, sometimes that excess can be oversaturating and even make it easy to forget about it in the daily chaos. So, put a reminder in your calendar! It only takes a minute, and it’s worth it to avoid several days’ worth of unpleasantness at home, simply because you forgot about Valentine’s Day.

Secondly, surprise is key! 

  1. Try to be original this time. Do not buy any undergarments, avoid accidentally choosing the wrong size and then spending the whole night comforting your dear, telling her that she certainly hasn’t gained any weight, that she’s is still a 36, it’s just that the Italians make their clothes more “slim–fit”, and that’s why the sexy nightie is just a little tight over her derriere.
  2. On this evening, take a break from your electronics, turn off the TV and Wi–Fi, and devote yourselves to one another.
  3. They say love goes through the stomach, so cook something great and unforgettable. There are plenty of different foods that increase sex appeal. For example, oysters are a powerful aphrodisiac, similar to chocolate, avocado or almonds. Mix up something alchemically arousing for dinner and then experience a wonderful night.
  4. What about writing a love letter, or at least a few loving lines, even if you’re not exactly Shakespeare? And I mean on paper, with a pen. Your better half will appreciate the effort and inventiveness and, as opposed to a text message or e–mail, she’ll be able to pull it out in moments of relationship crisis, read it, and be reminded of your beautiful moments together. Maybe then she’ll even forgive the minor faux pas here and there. It’s always good to keep a back door in mind, and give a “two–in–one” gift. That always pays off!
  5. But what is certain to surprise, delight, warm the heart and never be a faux pas are flowers. But even those can be given differently this year, in a more original way, when you know how. Let the flowers speak for you and send your message through them. In many countries roses are the flower most often given for Valentine’s Day, but beware, this is not the case, for example, in Denmark, where surprisingly, it is snowdrops. Every type of flower, and how it is cut and arranged has a special meaning. A gift in the form of a single rose, for example, says that the recipient is the only one for you. Flowers that lean to the left represent you, while those leaning to the right symbolize the recipient. Also note the color. Red represents love, passion and strength, purple faithfulness and discretion, blue beauty and perseverance, orange refers to wealth and abundance, pink represents a change to youth and love, purple is a sign of a higher power, white represents innocence, sincerity and purity of heart, green is the color of hope and generosity, yellow traditionally means jealousy. You don’t have to come running with a big bouquet. When you arrive at an appointment with a pineapple, for example, you’re indicating to your partner that you’re asking for at least one kiss, perhaps for forgiveness. Or if your relationship is at the freezing point, you can use Valentine’s Day to try to send a packet of hazelnuts to your better half – that is because in the language of flowers, it represents the hope of reconciliation.

So, to be a little more specific, I have a tip for you on the right flower for saying thank you, and an explanation of why we give a combination of red roses, baby’s breath and ferns as an expression of love.

Say thank you for example with a few irises, which symbolize news. Complement them with bluebells as a symbol of gratefulness, mint for expressing warmth and amaranth, whose name speaks for itself.

If you are afraid to take risks and prefer a sure bet, then surely give your love classic red roses because they say, “I love you”, decorated with a baby’s breath, meaning eternal love and ferns as a symbol of sincerity.

And what about the number of flowers to give? An even count is said to bring bad luck, but surprisingly only in our country. Elsewhere in the world, it’s a different story. For example, twelve roses say, “I think of you twelve months of the year.” Twenty-four roses then: “My thoughts belong to you for the whole twenty-four hours in a day.”

So, as you can see, it’s necessary to adhere to the rules, but on the other hand, you can’t let them tie you down too much, especially if there are other, more suitable, free and creative rules elsewhere. And to you who are looking for your own way, I enclose a flower dictionary and keep my fingers crossed, so that you can say what’s in your heart, while keeping with all the rules, but still in a free and original, creative way on February 14, 2020.


So that you know what you’re giving:

Winter violets – I always long for you, my head is full of you, I am faithful.

Freesia – Don’t lose hope.

Fuchsia – I would be happy if you could love me. I worry that I can’t show you my love.

Gardenia – Secret Love.

Gerbera – I’m honest.

Hibiscus – Get better.

Iris – I have news for you. An expression of respect. Faith. Hope.

Kala – Why are you so cold?

Carnation – You’ve kindled my love.

Lily of the valley – I fell in love at first sight.

Daisy – Your beauty is just pride.

Nettle – You’re trying in vain.

Iris – Still waters run deep. Only you can bring me peace.

Lily white – I believe you are innocent, I don’t take stock in what others say.

Red Lilies – Don’t lust for wealth!

Myrtle – Our love leads to marriage.

Narcissus – Who wouldn’t be attracted to your beauty? Remain as you are.

Orchid – Can I soften your heart?

Rose – I confess my love to you.

White roses – I’m suffering because you’ve rejected me.

Red roses – I belong entirely to you.

Red rose – Desire.

Red rose – I love you.

Red & Yellow Roses – Congratulations.

Pink roses – Trust me. Grace.

Pink & White Roses – I will always love you.

Yellow Rose – I’m jealous.

Sunflower – Can’t you give up at least a little of your pride?

Tulip – You’re a great lover.

Red tulip – You love beauty

Yellow tulip – your smile is like the sun.