What and How to Answer the Curious and Not Always Completely Pleasant Questions 2

4. November 2019

And what about the question How old are you?

Some people like to show off their age, others are taken unaware, because they feel like being twenty, while in their identity card are written some decades more. Well, how to deal with it? We all know that time is relative! Remember it, please, thus if you aren’t the surgery nurse, for whom such information is necessary or if you don’t need to sell your product tailored for a special age category, for example the spectacle frame with 50% discount for people who are just fifty, don’t ask about age and we will globally avoid this question and we will win. Age is also relative, after all!

What if somebody around you can’t sleep without knowing how much your new house of dreams cost?

A question about money? We are not asking about money, but if the question is pronounced, how to answer it?
For example, “I bought it at regular market value, the same like the houses in the neighbourhood.“ or “When I walked through the door of that house, I was feeling like at home, I knew it was my new home,“ and then change the subject quickly. You will show clearly enough that the discussion about the price is over and you are not going to talk about it anymore. If you find yourself in a situation when the curious person is not willing to change the subject, do it cunningly, “I don’t want to talk about it, but if you are still interested, the information on market value is available for the public, isn’t it?